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E.SUN Financial Holding Company joins the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials

E.SUN Financial Holding Company joins the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials

We are very excited to announce that E.SUN Financial Holding Company is joining PBAF as a supporter. 

A statement of the organisation about their motivation and the importance of joining PBAF: "The highest mountain, the best bank. The beautiful mountain, the favourite bank." E.SUN promised to be a "world-class corporate citizen" as one of the three visions when it was established, and clearly recognized the extensive impact on the environment and society in the operation of banking business. In the face of climate change and the complex and ever-changing environment, E.SUN actively responds to international advocacy organizations, and learns from global practices and examples. In terms of environmental protection and biodiversity, E.SUN has long invested in the maintenance of Taiwan's natural environment, combined with its own business to encourage customers to respond to the protection of Taiwan's aboriginal animals including Taiwan black bears, butterflies and sea turtles, etc. In 2022, E.SUN has released the first TNFD report, and through joining PBAF, E.SUN can learn from each other and cooperate to take better actions to make the earth a better place. Moreover, E.SUN responds to global biodiversity targets, referring to Taiwan's national indicators for "forest bird species" and "agricultural land bird species", striving to promote natural growth recovery before 2030 and realizing the vision of a beautiful homeland. 

The PBAF team welcomes E.SUN Financial Holding Company to the partnership and is looking forward to a valuable collaboration.


E.SUN, established in 1992 and named after the highest mountain in Taiwan, was a banker’s bank led by professional managers, endeavoring to be best performing bank in Taiwan and most respected financial institution. After 30 years, E.SUN has achieved excellent performance in tangible and intangible indicators for overall performance, ESG, and sustainable development, including steady asset growth, rapid increase in market cap, and generating stable high profits, as well as creating great value for employees, shareholders, and this land. E.SUN was the first financial institution in Taiwan listed in DJSI from 2014. In 2022, E.SUN was selected into the DJSI for 8 consecutive years and ranked in the top 10 banks worldwide in the past 5 years, and all the above are setting new records. For more information please visit: https://www.esunfhc.com/en/about-esun/intro/commitment

About the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF)

The Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF) develops the ‘PBAF Standard’. The PBAF Standard enables financial institutions to assess and disclose impact and dependencies on biodiversity of loans and investments. PBAF provides practical guidance to financial institutions on biodiversity impact and dependency assessment and defines what is needed in order for these assessments (either or not conducted by data providers) to deliver the right information to financial institutions. With this information financial institutions can effectively manage and report on biodiversity related risks and opportunities and contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. For more information please visit: https://pbafglobal.com/about-pbaf