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Woori Financial Group joins the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials

Woori Financial Group joins the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials

With much excitement the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF) announces the joining of its 37th participant, Woori Financial Group! Woori Financial Group will become a supporter of the partnership.

Jong-il Park, Deputy President of the Strategy Planning Unit, including the ESG Management Department, at Woori Financial Group states the importance of joining PBAF: “Woori Financial Group is very happy to become a supporter of PBAF. Biodiversity is extremely important for the planet. For example, biodiversity loss can be a major cause of climate change, but likewise, it can also be a result of climate change. Climate, nature, and resources are closely interconnected, and thus, we can’t neglect any of them. Woori Financial Group recognized the importance of biodiversity long before and since then, we have been making various efforts to conserve biodiversity. By joining PBAF, we will be able to understand the impacts and dependencies of biodiversity in the Group's asset portfolio. Through this process, we will achieve our ESG vision, “Good Finance for the Next” by considering nature conservation more proactively and comprehensively.”

The PBAF team welcomes Woori Financial Group as a supporter!

About Woori Financial Group: 
Woori Financial Group has led Korea’s financial sector by becoming the first listed company in Korea with a century-long history and the first to establish an overseas branch. Woori Financial Group offers a wide range of financial products to its customers by leveraging its domestic network of 920 branches across 14 subsidiaries, and a global network consisting of 480 branches across 24 countries (As of the end of 2021). Under our ESG vision of “Good Finance for the Next”, which means creating a better world through finance, Woori Financial Group, by fulfilling its fundamental role as a financial company, will take the lead in preserving nature and building a sustainable society where present and future generations can coexist and grow together. For more information please visit: https://www.woorifg.com/eng/social-contribution/continuous/list.do

About the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF)
The Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF) develops the ‘PBAF Standard’. The PBAF Standard enables financial institutions to assess and disclose impact and dependencies on biodiversity of loans and investments. PBAF provides practical guidance to financial institutions on biodiversity impact and dependency assessment and defines what is needed in order for these assessments (either or not conducted by data providers) to deliver the right information to financial institutions. With this information financial institutions can effectively manage and report on biodiversity related risks and opportunities and contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. For more information please visit: https://pbafglobal.com/about-pbaf